Balenciaga SPEED 3.0 Sneakers ready in three new colorways

The year started for Balenciaga showing off a new colorway of its Speed Trainer.  The Spanish luxury fashion house has been coming up with new pairs with interesting designs. We have seen a few in the past. 

Apart from the Speed Trainer, there was also the Limited-edition Balenciaga Toe Sneakers made available in October last year. There was the Balenciaga Triple S Mesh Nubuck Trainers. We also remember the Balenciaga Sofa by Harry Nuriev which was a one of a kind furniture piece but that’s a different category.

Balenciaga SPEED 3.0 New Colors 

Balenciaga SPEED 3.0 Sneakers Blue

Today, we’re learning about the Balenciaga SPEED 3.0 getting three new colorways. Don’t expect anything really weird-looking–except for the bright Lime version. The new colors are Blue, Lime, and Black. 

The Balenciaga SPEED 3.0 isn’t like any other sneakers you know. It’s a sock-inspired design that will probably no longer require you to wear socks. The original release was all-white. If you think that’s not for you becuase keeping shoes white and clean all the time is challening, you may consider the new colors. 

The pair comes with a high-cut construction of a  technical 3D knit material. It is made from recycled polyester and elastane. It doesn’t show much accessories or accents but its simple design and new colors make it a winner. 

Balenciaga SPEED 3.0 Sneakers

Balenciaga SPEED 3.0 Black Sneakers Images

The shoes come with a small “BB” logo on the top edge of the sock part. The midsole is where Balenciaga has placed the “SPEED 3.0” near the rear. All colorways have a white midsole with a hint of neon on the soles of the Blue and Lime versions. The Black Speed 3.0 only comes with a black sole. 

The new Balencia SPEED 3.0 in Blue, Lime, and Black are available with a  £630 price tag. That’s about $880 in the US. You can buy directly from Balenciaga’s website.

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