Casio delivers first look of its A-100 Pac-Man watch

After the much-hyped release of the Tag Heuer x Mario watch, video game buffs have another enticing offer from the other side of the globe. Casio has just announced the A100WEPC Pac-Man edition watch designed in collaboration with Bandai Namco.

Casio has based the A1000WEPC Pac-Man version on the brand’s recent issue of the A-100 digital watch, which is based on the F-100 launched originally in 1978. According to the Japanese watchmaker, the original F-100 was first Casio quartz watch in a resin case with digital alarm, stopwatch, calendar and other time functionalities.

The Pac-Man watch

To celebrate Pac-Man, one of the most iconic games of all time, the A100WEPC reprises the four-button layout seen on the front of the original F-100. The entire look and feel of the watch evokes the retro appearance of the Pac-Man game, which can be seen through the game display on the dial in complete detail.

The watch face is detailed with pixelated the Pac-Man, ghosts, cherries and pink line marking the exit of the nest from where the ghosts appear. On the center of the dial is the ILLUMINATOR logo rendered in the reminiscent pixelated font.

Other details

The gold-plated Casio Pac-Man watch also draws inspiration from the iconic Pac-Man arcade game cabinet topped with icons and logos for fanfare. The watch, like the original A-100 comes paired to a stainless steel band etched with rendering of Pac-Man and the ghosts chasing each other.

The Casio A100WEPC Pac-Man watch is still only for the eyes to appreciate with the classic game extracts even making it to the stainless steel caseback. There is no official word on the expected release date for this watch at the moment but the product page mentions 12,100 yen (approx. $110) price point. At that price, this timepiece is going to be a steal for Pac-Man enthusiasts.