Custom-made 1973 Volkswagen Boatswagon is dressed to impress

This cool looking amphibious boat is not actually meant to ride on the waters, since it is not waterproof or even seaworthy. It has been originally created by a dad for his daughter – out rightly a carboat meant to ride the streets and dubbed ‘Boatswagon’. The car looks like the one in Sponge Bob and destined to turn heads wherever it goes.

The custom made vehicle is currently up on Bring a Trailer for auction having a current bid value of $6,900 with two more days to go. So, if you are already interested in owning this unique ride, there is some interesting vintage history that the Boatswagon surrounds itself with.

Custom bodywork history

1973 Volkswagen Boatswagon was created from a yellow Volkswagen Beetle using the hull of a 1977 Chrysler Conqueror. Basically, the fiberglass hull is custom painted in metalflake theme and sits on top of the Beetle’s chassis. There is a 1.6L flat-four mated to a four-speed manual transaxle transmission for power and the engine is covered with a Pontiac Firebird hood.

To make it look more like a car, there are vintage headlights and taillights along with the 15-inch Yokohama Avid Ascend wheels covered with disc wheels covers. Front seats of the Boatswagon are salvaged from 1967 Rover while the wrap-around rear seats come from a 1969 Ford Thunderbird.

Designed to impress

The hull sides are equipped with LED light strips having 22 different colors and lighting effects which can be controlled with a remote control for that bling factor. To make a bold statement, the front fenders are draped in blue color to make them look like bow wave.  

On the dashboard, there is a small chrome steering wheel which drives the vehicle while there is a dummy steering wheel on the right having instrument panel displaying the speedometer, tachometer, and other gauges.

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