‘El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie’ coming to AMC with Bryan Cranston cameo

‘Breaking Bad’ has always been considered as a dark and tense drama series. It discussed the struggle of a school teacher who had to resort to a life of crime. Walter White only wanted to secure the future and safety of his family so he had to do some things he didn’t want to do.

Emmy Award winner Bryan Cranston’s superb performance in the show made him a household name. Not that he wasn’t known before but his star shone brighter. It’s been six years since the TV series ended but the thrill and excitement are coming back via a Breaking Bad movie.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

“El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie” stars Aaron Paul reprising his role as Jesse Pinkman. Walter White (Cranston) is still dead but he has a cameo. Pinkman, as the accomplice of White, now lives a quiet life but he keeps on thinking about the time he was with White.

As expected, there is a flashback scene featuring White and Pinkman. Cranston agreed to do the scene that was filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He said, “When I finally read the script, I was so into the story, so into what happens to Jesse, I absolutely forgot that I, Walter White, was in this movie.”

Breaking Bad: From Series to Movie

The short video below captured Jesse and Walter (Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul) talking about the show and its return to the small screen. Watch how Cranston was transformed back into his old role.

The movie ‘El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie’ was released by Netflix last October 2019. It’s still on the streaming service but it will also air on AMC this weekend, February 16, 8 PM.

All five seasons of Breaking Bad are still on Netflix (2008-2013). If you haven’t seen the movie or if you are not subscribed to Netflix, now is your chance to watch it. See for yourself why ‘Breaking Bad’ is considered as one of the ‘ Top Ten Most Powerful TV Shows of the 2010s‘.