Fully-automatic Plum wine dispenser preserves vino for 90 days

Hey oenophiles, what do you do with a bottle of wine you’ve opened but have not been able to consume? Without a wine preserver and dispenser at home, you surely pour it down the drain.  

Make space on your kitchen counter for the Plum wine dispenser. A cooler, preserver and dispenser that visions to optimize wine–drinking experience and serve every glass of vino as the winemaker intended.

Wine tastes best at the right temperature

If you want to savor the treasured wine over days or weeks without compromising its taste because of oxidation, Plum is the way to go. The new technology-packed dispenser maximizes flavor of wine, serving every glass at the blend’s ideal temperature.

The fully-automatic Plum is designed to hold two bottles of wine, preserving and chilling them so you can enjoy one glass at a time. Crafted in black stainless steel, measuring only 15 inches across, the appliance can fit neatly on a counter or bar cabinet. Plum can identify the flavor, variety, winery and wine age automatically using artificial intelligence and display the same on its 7-inch touchscreen.  

Using the Plum is effortless – just pop in two unopened wine bottles (with any type of cork or screw cap) in the dedicated cooling chambers. The appliance will pierce through the foil and closure to extract wine (as required) and inject argon gas into it to prevent oxidation.

Decide when to have a glass

By piercing only a small hole and replacing the dispensed liquid with argon gas, Plum wine dispenser, preserves wines for up to 90 days. After a long day, when you’re back home – simply place a glass – chose between white and red wine – and have chilled vino dispensed into your glass.

Plum comes with built-in automated self-cleaning and random passcode system so underage can’t break into your stash. It is priced on the higher side at $2499.