Helmm Compass Vessel refillable deodorant is ready for your next adventure

I have met a few environmentally conscious people who have given up on using deodorants since they add up to waste after single use. Now conscious men will not have to make the drastic shift as Helmm is reinventing the concept with refillable deodorant products.

The new deodorant with fillable pods is designed for conscious outdoor enthusiasts who cannot let sweat and odor deter their day. After thriving on the success of the Heritage Vessel and Refill Pod system the company has now come up with a more compact Helmm Refillable Deodorant Compass Vessel.

The Compass Vessel

Remain fresh without harmful and questionable chemicals and breathtaking fragrance with the petit-sized Compass Vessel starter kit in your bag. When your adventure leaves you in sweat, a simple dab of the fresh deodorant in the underarms will save the day and the planet for you.

Build to last a lifetime – as long as you refill it at least – the Helmm Refillable Deodorant Compass Vessel has a compact container which comes in durable, rubber-coating. The stick features refillable pods that can be reloaded into it over and over again, in the process helping reduce plastic waste by over 70-percent in comparison to single use roll on deodorants.

More details

Helmm Compass Vessel is a sustainable and pretty harmless way to care for your underarms, especially when you’re out and about. Given the refillable nature it reduces plastic waste and comes in two color options – onyx and pacific – to choose from.

Since you can swap the scents at will, you’d be glad to know that Helmm makes Compass Vessel available in antiperspirant & deodorant, natural deodorant and sport deodorant. All the fragrances are made by French perfumer Cecile Hua and are made from natural ingredients, which again helps the planet is some way.