Hermes Waste Basket will never be trash

How much money are you willing to throw on a wastebasket? Maybe a dollar? If you’re planning to get a bigger one, shell out a few more. If you have a lot of money, you may probably spend a few thousand on a luxurious basket like this one from Hermes.

You read that right. There is an Hermes Waste Basket that is worth thousands. The luxury fashion brand may be more known for those Kelly and Birkin bags. For some, they like those Hermes accessories and Hermes shoes.

Hermes Collection for Your Home

Not many people know this but there are Hermes Home Objects. The Hermes Home Collection includes plenty of items from high-tech accessories to desk accessories, boxes and chests, candlesticks, picture frames, umbrellas, printed papers, vases, and other decorative pieces. In the past, we’ve only featured the Hermès Yoga Bag and Mat and the Hermès Arceau Petite Lune Watch.

Hermes isn’t the only luxury fashion house we fancy. After that Louis Vuitton Swell Wave Shelf, Louis Vuitton Dumbbells, and the Louis Vuitton Sneaker Trunk, we find this Hermes Waste Basket very interesting. It’s not just any ordinary waste basket, it’s THE wastebasket to beat. Not that you really have to buy it but if you’re all about luxury and you can actually afford it, no one’s gonna stop you.

Hermes Waste Basket Won’t Be a Waste

Hermes Waste Basket

What is $7,650 to you? That’s nothing, right? We know there are people who will buy this thing just for the sake of buying. And yes, this is one very sophisticated waste basket-trash can-dust bin or whatever you want to call it.

The solid natural maple wood isn’t exactly what makes it expensive. It’s all about the name. It’s actually just one of the many items part of the Équilibre d’Hermès collection. Other desk accessories from the collection include more desk accessories and other decorative objects that feature different materials like brass, natural wicker, and natural maple.