Louis Vuitton Swell Wave Shelf shown off by designer Andrew Kudless

Just a quick mention of Louis Vuitton and most people will think of luxury. It is perhaps one of the most recognizable luxury fashion houses in the world today. Stylish ladies who live and breathe fashion strive to get at least one iconic LV bag.

Louis Vuitton transcends time. It’s a 166-year old brand but it’s always there to amaze not only the designers and the fashionistas but the artists who may be looking at design and aesthetics.

In the past, we’ve featured Louis Vuitton products here like the new canvas with a bendable display, Louis Vuitton Sneaker Trunk, and Louis Vuitton Dumbbells. Just recently, we mentioned that Louis Vuitton restaurant in Japan. Today, we’re learning about a new home design innovation those people interested in home décor and interior design will love.

Louis Vuitton Items Show Design and Luxury

Louis Vuitton Swell Wave

Over at Milk Studios, the latest Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades collection has been showcased. The collection includes functional home furniture and pieces that illustrate the style and identity of the brand.

Louis Vuitton teamed up with a number of designers to finish the collection. Some famous designers and brands include Patricia Urquiola, Atelier Biagetti, the Campana Brothers, Raw Edges, Tokujin Yoshioka, and Andrew Kudless.

Louis Vuitton Swell Wave

Louis Vuitton Swell Wave

The collection is travel-inspired but one thing that stands out is a special shelving unit called the Swell Wave. The Louis Vuitton Swell Wave boasts polished wood shelves held by the iconic leatherwork from Louis Vuitton. At first glance, it doesn’t look sturdy but the push-pull design works. Kudless shared, “Pulled in opposite directions yet completely in equilibrium, the shelf represents a balance of forces: between movement and stability, new and old, hard and soft.”

Aside from the wall shelving piece, other Louis Vuitton-themed products part of the collection include sofas, swinging chairs, leather and wood lounge chairs, stools, few leather flowers, and carved glass tables. If you’re looking for unique but luxurious home pieces, check out the Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades collection.