Jim Beam American Stillhouse: Enjoy a distillery experience while you sip a bourbon

It’s always fun to look at Airbnb listings because you’ll never know what kind you’ll see. Oftentimes, most of them are charming, appealing, and fun. Some can be overwhelming, too cheap, and for others, weird. No matter what they say about Airbnb, it still remains as one of the top online marketplaces for looking for places to stay in a specific location, offering lodging, or even tourism experiences.

We couldn’t get enough of Airbnb especially after we shared with you Adventures, Airbnb Luxe, Animal Experiences, and just yesterday, the Goodyear Blimp which can be rented for a night through Airbnb. Today, we’re showing you Jim Beam’s American Stillhouse home. The No. 1 Bourbon is listing a property where you can spend time with the Beam family just for a weekend.

Jim Beam’s Heritage Lives On

There have been seven generations of Master Distillers from Jim Beam. This is one novelty experience you don’t want to pass up as you can explore the distillery grounds of your favorite brand.

The complete Jim Beam American Stillhouse experience includes a distillery tour and tasting. Witness how bourbon is produced. The production process is complicated so you may watch out for this one.

What’s Inside the Jim Beam Stillhouse

The charming and historic house is set in distillery grounds in Kentucky. The Airbnb has three bedrooms, three beds, and 2.5 baths. Up to six guests can be accommodated. There’s also free WiFi, a kitchen, parking on the premises, and free breakfast.

The Jim Beam American Stillhouse experience was only listed last September by Fred. You can’t find the page on Airbnb yet but it will go live on October 21. The experience isn’t expensive. A night only costs $23. If you can buy a premium bottle of the Jim Beam Black bourbon for almost the same price, you can afford to stay a night here.

Revisit the Old, Experience the New

The Jim Beam Airbnb listing tells us once again a classic, novelty experience will never go out of style. Visit the fishing docks nearby, see the cowboy cauldrons outside, watch the fireplace, and take advantage of a fully-stocked bar that is obviously filled with premium Jim Beam bourbons.

The Stillhouse isn’t the original distillery. This is already the replica that was built in 2012. Tour the place with guided tours. Shop more merch from the Jim Beam store. When you get hungry and you’ve finished what’s in the fridge in your room, check out the bourbon bar where all the seasonal cocktails await your arrival. Visit Fred’s Smokehouse and partake of any of the bourbon BBQ meals available.