KFC Couchside Kicks available in limited “Bucketdrop” release

It’s the weekend. If you’re trying to get fit and healthy, then you may be excited for cheat day. You know, that day or meal when you are allowed to eat anything you want after a week of dieting or working out. 

What do you order for take-out or delivery? A bucket of KFC chicken. Ah yes. That’s something we want too. I can smell the 11-secret-herbed chicken in my mind.  

From Fast Food to Couchside

KFC Couchside Kicks Canada

Just don’t overeat. Share the bucket with a friend. And after your cheat meal, get on that treadmill. Perhaps while wearing a pair of KFC Couchside Kicks. 

What you’re seeing is real. KFC Canada has introduced the KFC Couchside Kicks for basketball fans who can’t go anywhere these days but home. Watch a basketball or any intense sport on TV while wearing the shoes. The pair is really just slippers designed like sneakers and with KFC details. 

KFC Couchside Kicks Design

KFC Couchside Kicks

The red, white, and black colorway is familiar. On the lateral near the midsole, you will see Colonel Harland Sanders’ signature. The shoes’ upper is mainly white with the midsole set in the theme colors. 

As for the shoes’ material, well, it’s just fabric—the kind used for bedroom slippers. It’s lightweight yet offers a bit of cushion to tired feet.  The tongue is cushioned to give your feet extra support. 

The KFC Couchside Kicks is now available in Canada beginning March 11. It is said to be a limited BUCKETDROP release. While you’re here, allow us to remind you of that  mouth-watering KFC Japan Creamy Croquette Chicken Fillet Sandwich. Eat the sandwich while watching KFC’s Lifetime mini-movie starring Mario Lopez.