Mario Lopez as Col. Sanders in KFC’s seductive Lifetime mini-movie

Collaborating with Lifetime, KFC has made a 15-minute mini-movie called “A Recipe for Seduction.” Over the years the fast-food chain has portrayed Colonel Harland Sanders, the founder of the Kentucky Fried Chicken, as a Casanova; and this mini-film is no exception.

Moreover, the “Saved by the Bell” star – heartthrob Mario Lopez has been chosen to portray this hot, womanizer version of the legendary man. The Colonel can be seen walking around in a tight shirt and a jaunty ascot; and will be involved in some kind of love triangle. The Lifetime original will premiere on December 13.

A Recipe for Seduction

A trailer of the short film reveals the phrase “secret recipe” uttered a couple of times, while showing an illicit affair, someone holding a knife ominously, and an abduction situation. Appropriately titled “A Recipe for Seduction,” the 15-minute movie tells a story of Colonel Sanders, who is hired as a new chef at a household – whose adult daughter has ditched her fiancé for Sanders and his cooking skills that have swept her off her feet. While the plot of the short movie doesn’t seem to resemble the Colonel’s life story, the movie captures his character genuinely. The real Colonel Sanders had a reputation for being a womanizer. He left his first wife for his mistress, who was a hired help for his wife. Later on, Sanders created the recipe for KFC’s famous fried chicken with his mistress.

Strange advertising strategy

The Colonel sold tires and managed a gas station before his fried chicken recipe became a hit. KFC has tried several marketing strategies to advertise the life and work of the Colonel, by making it more relevant to modern customers. But advertising with sex appeal has been a strange strategy in the fast food world – where kid-friendly branding has been the normal marketing technique.

In 2017, KFC published a romance novella, “Tender Wings of Desire,” which showed a steamy affair between Lady Madeline Parker and Colonel Harland Sanders. Last year, KFC released a video game called “I Love You, Colonel Sanders!” where the players could woo the mascot with certain dialogue choices. And now, the uncanny advert continues with this movie.