LeBron James’ Adidas Kobe 2s 2002 now up for auction

We know many people are still mourning the passing of NBA Superstar Kobe Bryant and her daughter Gianna. It’s been over a year since the accident but fans all over the world are still not over in remembering the Bryants. Numerous memorabilia are surfacing as a way to celebrate the life,  especially of Kobe Bryant.

A lot of things are being put up for auction. Most of them are for a good cause but there are items that are being sold because of their novelty.  The Nike Mamba Forever tribute is one thing but the Kobe Bryant’s memorabilia collection has gathered more attention because of the prices they command. 

Adidas Kobe 2s: From Kobe to Lebron

Lebron James Adidas Kobe 2 Launch

Now we’re learning about this pair of Adidas Kobe 2s. The Kobe branding is already special but the pair was also worn by LeBron James when he was starting in Akron, Ohio at the St. Vincent-St. Mary High School.

The USA-themed shoes are very patriotic. The pair was actually designed for Kobe Bryant to honor those victims of the deadly 9/11 attack.  Kobe Bryant gifted LeBron James the pair and he actually wore the pair to a game against Carmelo Anthony back in 2002.

James excitedly shared a bit of history: “He gave me a pair of shoes that I ended up wearing the following night. I was a 15 and he was a 14, and I wore them anyway, and I sat and just talked to him for a bit. He gave me the shoes and I rocked them in the game.” Obviously, the young LeBron James squeezed his feet into the pair. 

Adidas Kobe 2s for LeBron James 

Lebron James Adidas Kobe 2 Availability

The Adidas Kobe 2s used by LeBron James is a pair of low-top hoop shoes with  white and blue star patterns on the throat. The iconic white and red stripes of the American flag are seen on the sides. The blue rubber toe boxes show the Three Stripes logo.

The heel part also boasts a rubber material with the head silhouette of Kobe Bryant. The same silhouette can also be seen on the insoles.  The three-stripe design is also found on the outer soles and midsoles.  

Heritage Auctions has opened the live actions. The current offer is at $15,500. The auction site describes this pair as “LeBron’s most treasured memory of Kobe”.