Louis Vuitton LV Trainer Sneaker now ready in Vert colorway

Louis Vuitton will never run out of new shoes to offer. No matter what others say about their design or colors or even the prices, most LV pairs that are released usually get sold out. Real fans of the luxury fashion brand support whatever new is being offered and we know this pair will be no different. 

After the Louis Vuitton Easy Line Mules collection, here is the new Louis Vuitton LV Trainer Sneaker in Vert. This new yellow and green colorway follows the Noir version (black and blue). Some parts of the shoes will remind you of Virgil Abloh’S LV Trainer Sneaker Boots from earlier this year. 

LV Delivers Classic Luxury

Louis Vuitton LV Trainer Sneaker Vert

The new colors of the LV Trainer Sneakers may probably remind some of you of the color of money. The pair probably will because of its expensive price—around  $1,220. 

The pair uses together smooth leather and calf leather. As described, each pair takes about seven hours just to finish the stitching all over. It boasts the signature Monogram-embossing on some areas. The rubber outsole, on the side, shows LV’s popular Monogram Flowers. 

LV Trainer Sneaker Design

Louis Vuitton LV Trainer Sneaker Vert Price

The LV Trainer sneaker has become an iconic model from the brand. The eyelets, heel, and the tongue show the very distinct LV initials. Each pair is carefully crafted in Italy.

LV’s Artistic Director Virgil Abloh designed the shoes. The pair was actually inspired by those vintage basketball sneakers. Check out Louis Vuitton’s website for more information.