Moncler offers woody fragrances in bottles with customizable LED display

The Italian luxury outwear brand Moncler is second to none when it comes to puffer jackets. Now the marque is traversing into the fragrance industry. For its first fragrances, Moncler has teamed up with French perfume expert Interparfums to deliver the scents in a bottle unseen before.

Moncler’s new women and men fragrances are bottled in silver and glass flask featuring LED screen that is customizable using a smartphone app. So you can personalize the message you want flashing on your or your partner’s perfume the first thing they open their wardrobe.

The bottles

The collaborative effort from Moncler and Interparfums is offered in both men and women fragrances dubbed Moncler Pour Homme and Pour Femme respectively. The 150ml bottles are designed with silver ribbing that mimics Moncler’s puffer jackets.

The interesting aspect of these silver-ish glass bottles is a scrolling LED display that runs across its façade. The wordings on the ticker can be customized through a native smartphone app. 

The fragrances

Since Moncler has been a high-tech outwear brand for decades, it was fitting for the company to deliver its first perfumes in fragrance derived from the outdoors. The men’s Moncler Pour Homme uses notes of alpine forest with cedarwood, sandalwood and amber fragrances.

The Pour Femme also has a woody tone to it. It comprises fragrances of Italian bergamot and jasmine. A single 150 ml bottle of either fragrances will cost $210. These perfumes will be available starting October 5.