Netflix drops ‘The Stranger’, a new thriller novel-turned-series for binge-watching

Netflix never fails to come up with new shows that will make us wait in anticipation. For those who have read the thriller “The Stranger” by author Harlan Coben, you’ll be happy to know that the top media streaming company in the world today is releasing an eight-episode conspiracy thriller series based on the book.

The title has been adapted for TV by Danny Brocklehurst, the same guy who worked with the author on ‘Safe’.  ‘The Stranger’ isn’t the only book that is being adapted by Netflix into movies or series. Out of the 31 novels of Coben, fourteen will be seen on the small screen in the coming years.

New Series to Binge-watch

The trailer of the new series has dropped recently and we’re intrigued as to what happened really to the woman. We won’t dare look for the answer online because it seems intriguing. We can expect Netflix to use the same binge model that its been implementing on most of its shows—end an episode with a major cliffhanger that can make you go crazy.

Watching the trailer, we’re intrigued as to how the antagonist knows a lot about the family. Her knowledge about the people involved is supposed to be major secrets but who is she?

That’s just one of the mysteries. We’re not sure about the dead animals but feel free to watch the first episode on Netflix. The first one dropped last January 30.

All Lies, Mystery, and Deception

The series is all about lies, deception, and untruths. Between a husband and wife, faking a pregnancy is a major thing. To add to the fire, a stranger revealing the truth to you is something worse.

‘The Stranger’ stars Richard Armitage (Adam Price), Dervla Kirwan (Corinne Price), Hannah John-Kamen (The Stranger), Shaun Dooley (Doug Tripp), and Siobhan Finneran (Johanna Griffin). All eight episodes are now on Netflix. Feel free to binge-watch and let us know what you think.