Ngala Treehouse is one luxury Safari adventure

Traveling may not be wise these days, what with some countries banning tourists. Some cities are on lockdown while classes in a few countries have been suspended already.

You may not be able to fulfill your wanderlust this year but no one is stopping you from checking out great deals and travel promos. You just have to be cautious and wise in booking because we still don’t know what’s about to happen for the rest of the year.

It’s still okay to check out and research for your new destination. Right now, we’re looking at South Africa. We only mentioned this country a few times. We remember that Safari trip by AndBeyond at the Tengile River Lodge.

Treehouse Plus Safari Experience in One

andBeyond Ngala Treehouse Design

We’re focusing on a new safari experience at the Ngala Treehouse. It’s also by AndBeyond. The latter is a luxury travel company that offers one-of-a-kind experiences in South Africa.

The Ngala Treehouse is literally a treehouse. It offers a treetop-tall safari experience. It’s a different safari adventure. Sleep in a treehouse at night and stay day during so you can see the African wildlife with a bird’s eye view. You can get to hear a nearby lion’s roar. That sounds scary so we only recommend this for the more adventurous people. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience you don’t want to miss.

AndBeyon’s Ngala Treehouse in South Africa can be magical for you and your partner. You’ll get to spend time under the stars and just enjoy the open sky amidst the wildlife. It can be pretty romantic—just make sure you have the heart and mind for such an adventure.

The Ngala Treehouse is a private remote overnight retreat. It’s different yet exciting to experience. We just hope you’re not afraid of heights because the treehouse if 40 feet high. Expect to be greeted ‘good morning’ by a giraffe who may be nibbling at a nearby tree. Again, don’t be scared. It’s friendly.

Ngala Treehouse: The Best of South Africa

andBeyond Ngala Treehouse Design

The treehouse is situated near the Timbavati River. Choose between the two sleeping areas available. There is a weatherproof bedroom that is complete with a king-sized bed, flushing toilet, and hot water for shower. That other one is an elevated sleep-out platform placed under a retractable awning on the rooftop.

AndBeyond Ngala Private Game Reserve is where the treehouse is located. It’s actually 7,500 square miles of the Kruger National Park. It’s a private bushland where different kinds of fauna and wild animals are teeming with life.

andBeyond Ngala Treehouse Design

Check out AndBeyond for this Ngala Treehouse Experience. There are more reasons to love the treehouse but it will really cost you money. It’s ZAR 8,500 per night which is roughly $528 in the US.