Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next Nature is brand’s most sustainable performance shoe yet

Sustainable fashion is the new trend in the footwear industry. New styles and designs are propping up by the day that make the shoes do their bit for the environment. Even though many brands have revealed different kinds of environmentally-friendly performance pairs, for instance the Rens Nomad made from coffee waste and recycled plastic bottles, the trend is still far from mainstream adoption.

This could now stand to change with Nike’s launch of the most sustainably manufactured performance shoe yet. Dubbed Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next Nature, the pair is Nike’s most eco-friendly running shoe ever made.

Alphafly Next Nature

Based on the brand’s most celebrated marathon racing pair, the Nike Zoom Air Alphafly NEXT%, the Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next Nature is conceived keeping the impact that performance shoes have on the environment in mind. This is Nike’s first real stride toward sustainable running shoes yet it could blow the wind of change this industry was waiting for.  

The sustainable pair of performance shoes have not been as well accepted as their traditional options primarily because athletes believe they would have to compromise performance for sustainability. With Nike’s image attached to a sustainable pair, we could be heading into an era where sustainable shoes will match the standard options shoulder to shoulder in terms of durability, ride quality and comfort yet with little impact on climate change.

The details

Even though Air Zoom Alphafly Next Nature is Nike’s most sustainable performance shoe, it’s not 100-percent clean. It is made from about 50-percent total recycled content by weight. That said, the shoe delivers amazingly in the sustainable intent.

The upper of the Nike sneaker is made from Flyprint, the fabric for which is 3D printed from at least 20-percent recycled TPU and 45-percent recycled polyester. The Nike ZoomX midsole on the other hand is designed from about 70-percent recycled foam, while the Air Zoom Pods are partially made from recycled TPU.

The Flyplate on the Alphafly Next Nature is made from up to 50-percent recycled carbon fiber and the rubber outsole is molded from high abrasion compounds and Nike Grind Rubber. This is not it, the laces and woven labels are all made from completely recycled polyester. The ZoomX Sockliner of the shoe comprises 100-percent recycled PEBA.

There is still scope for Nike to explore this domain and reach its predefined objective of using almost 80-percent recycled material in its products by 2025. For now the Alphafly Next Nature is the closest you can get to a pair of sustainable performance shoes from Nike and these you can grab starting later this month for $300.