Nike PG4, Paul George 4, shown off before market release

It’s a good start for Nike with a number of important announcements. Liverpool FC announced a multi-year partnership with Nike. In the next few years, the top sports shoe brand in the world will be outfitting the men’s, women’s, academy squads, and coaching staff of the LFC.

Nike also shared with us the story of each pattern in the Year of the Rat Chinese New Year Collection. And then just a couple of days ago, we see Paul George in the Nike PG4. Well, it’s not really the NBA star but a new pair of shoes with his name. Our last mention of Paul George was the very colorful Nike PG3 NASA for the new NBA opening-week back in October.

Nike PG4 Goes Beyond Novelty

This time around, the year 2020 started with the Nike PG4 being made public before its January 24 global market release. Nike has always been supportive of athletes in numerous ways even letting them go crazy when it comes to design and colorways as the players’ creative expression.

As for Paul George, he just doesn’t want to focus on aesthetics. He wants to come up with something that will sell not because it’s a novelty collection but because of the performance whether on-court or off-court. With the help of designer Tony Hardman, the PG4 is created with Nike Air cushioning so it’s playable.

Specifically, the pair is designed after George’s movement—a combination of effortless motion like water moving past stones. Paul knows form and speed, looking ever so smooth all the time.

Designed With Only The Essentials

The Nike PG4 only has the essentials and that includes the Air Strobel. It’s a lightweight footbed made of a Nike Air unit. It allows the foot to be atop the cushion directly for more comfort and control.

The pair is still stylish with its semi-transparent look. There are laces but they are fastened by a mesh-zippered shroud for a more snug fit.

The Nike PG4 (Nike Paul George 4) will be available in black/white colorway with a hard rubber outsole, speed lacing system, and a zippered shroud. It will be out in China today, January 7, and globally on January 24.