Small tables to straighten your back while working from home

These testing times have called us to work from home longer than any of us would have wanted to. While you yearn to get back to office and hit that comfortable desk you miss so much – take a breather and look at these tiny tables that you can take home to work more comfortably out of the bed or couch.

We have already discussed some tables and chairs for the home office, but if you want a table that you can take to the bed and save yourself from hunching over the laptop – these below will make a good option. Maintain an upright posture with these three exciting lap tables for under $70.

Kirix Foldable Laptop Stand

If you like working from different locations of the house – say from the bed – couch – and maybe the garden, a folding and portable laptop table makes a good choice. Available in rose color, Kirix Portable Adjustable Foldable Laptop Stand for $65 is a steal.

It is made from aluminum alloy and has a cooling pan under the tabletop. Capable of withstanding a load of 20kg, it is good to place a laptop up to 17-inches in size. Since it folds to weigh under 1.5kg, it is easy to carry and helps avoid neck strain thereby improving your efficiency.

Kavalan Portable Laptop Table

Designed for different applications, the Kavalan portable, adjustable laptop table can be used on bed, sofa, or placed on a table/dresser to use as standing desk. It’s easily foldable and can be carried anywhere you want thanks to its cool handheld design.

What makes the table really worth its $62 tag is its size, which is large enough to accommodate your writing pad alongside the laptop for taking quick notes. Also included in the adjustable table are anti-slip stopper for the laptop and a wrist-pad to comfort the forearm while using the mouse.

Songmics Tilting Top Laptop Desk 

Another option for those who spend too much time with their laptop in bed or on the sofa – the Songmics Tilting Top Laptop Desk is designed to lift the device to eye level so that you don’t have to hunch over on the laptop and there is lesser strain on the back and neck.

At $56 the tabletop doesn’t have a cooling fan attached, instead, it has fan-shaped air holes, which help reduce the chance of the device getting overheated.