Panasonic Komoru easy-to-assemble desk creates semi-private cubicle instantly

The ongoing pandemic has coerced many people to work from home. This has created a never before turmoil to organize homes so living and working can co-exist. To enhance productivity in this working from home ear, Panasonic has recently designed Komoru – an easy-to-assemble desk that creates a semi-private cubicle. It is slated to release in September 2020.

The Japanese brand has suffused this mini cubicle with simple details to help you work proficiently, while not taking much of your interior space. Komoru cubicle saves time and effort, offering you an out-of-the-way section to work in peace.

Desk and partition

Not everyone has a separate room at homes to work out of; Komoru cubicle provides that separate space to work from. It can function as a desk or a partition at home, which are the two main aspects of the entire contraption.

It seamlessly embodies functional values like workability, durability, and cleanability. The structure is basically a perforated board that can be hooked on and used as a partition with various arrangements. The unique design helps keep the desk clutter-free, while its walls provide space to hanging accessories such as headphones, pictures, work essentials, and more.

Easy assembly

Komoru can be assembled in merely 15 minutes and it blends perfectly with the interiors when installed. It is an easy and quick way to form a corner office by creating a semi-private room of about 1 square meter.

Komoru has a structure that combines a 120cm high partition with a desk. The wood tinge of the structure blends right in the room and can be coordinated with interior doors and floor materials.

It is a serious possibility that this working from home culture may be extended even beyond the end of this year. In such a case, this tiny wooden cubicle installed at home can give you some me time, when you want to focus on a presentation or maybe just divide the room to avert distraction.