PUMA x Animal Crossing Sneakers shown off

It’s not exactly new as collaborations between a sports brand and a famous video game franchise has always been a thing. If a brand releases something that mentions a famous game, it’s guaranteed to be a bestseller. 

In the past year, we have seen fun and quirky examples like the video game-inspired Blazer Mid ’77 Vintage sneakers from Nike. There was also the Adidas Cyberpunk 2077 sneaker collection. The Pokemon Adidas Collection was released in Japan before the pandemic happened.

PUMA x Animal Crossing Sneakers

PUMA Animal Crossing Sneaker

Today, we’re getting a glimpse of the PUMA X Animal Crossing Sneakers. Puma and Nintendo have teamed up to release a collaboration that includes three designs of sneakers and a hoodie. What we have here is the first design to be released. 

PUMA has selected the Wild Riders silhoutte and has given it a colorway that Animal Crossing fans will easily recognize. The pastel color combo includes mainly green and blue with peach accents (that actually look light brown). 

PUMA x Animal Crossing Sneaker Design 

PUMA Animal Crossing Sneakers

The side panel of each shoe shows graphics of the famous Animal Crossing characters. They appear translucent to maintain the simple and subtle look. 

The peach color appears to be suede. The accents can be found on the gum sole and eyelets. A leaf logo appears on the heel. 

PUMA Animal Crossing Price

The PUMA x Animal Crossing collaboration also include a special hoodie in paste blue.  Animal Crossing villagers’ art is found on the back. No information on official market release but the hoodie and the pair of sneakers should be available soon.