Roux x Pininfarina Racing Helmets are tough, expensive, and cool

Pininfarina knows luxury design when it comes to transportation. There’s no question about this detail because we’ve featured a number of Pininfarina-designed vehicles. It’s almost synonymous with luxury product design and engineering.

To give you an idea, there is that Pininfarina Battista Electric Hypercar we featured before that embodies the PURA Design Philosophy. There’s also the Karma GT by Pininfarina, as well as, the Pura Vision Concept electric S-LUV. Automobili Pininfarina continues to expand its portfolio but we’re not sure if we can consider this collaboration a part of it.

Luxury and Safety Can Go Together

Pininfarina teamed up with Roux, a company that makes tough helmets. The collab brings a new line of helmets available in two styles. One style is for closed-cockpit racers while the other one for the open cockpit.

With a $1,200 to $5,000 price range, you can choose from any of the seven helmet designs. These are premium prices we expect they will be able to protect the head because you know, a helmet is for protection.

Making the prices high are the level of certification and choice of materials. The Pininfarina Roux Racing Helmets also come with an innovative water-cooling system.

Cool, Innovative, and High Safety Standards

Known as Cool-X technology, this system is used to recirculate water from a CoolShirt cooler. The goal is that it keeps a 52-degree water flowing which is considered perfect-temperature. The water then circulates through the helmet to keep the heat stress low. Simply put, the system “cools” the helmet so a racer won’t be uncomfortable while racing.

The open-cockpit helmet boasts removable aerodynamic spoilers that may be good for Formula 4 to Formula 1. Meanwhile, the closed-cockpit GT helmet also comes with the said water-cooling system. If those are not enough to convince you to spend that much for a helmet, know that it has an audio system with noise-canceling and speaker pods.

When it comes to safety standards, the helmets come with the Release Equipped System for quick removal. It’s useful when there is an emergency. The helmets also follow the FIA 8860 standards.