Seiko designs Astron Honda e Limited Edition watch for EV enthusiasts

The GPS solar-powered Seiko Astron collection is the nostalgic remake of the 1969 Astron watch and it blends a modern design without overshadowing the classic elements of the original.

Now the SBXC 075 GPS solar watch has got a facelift in the form of a Honda e EV-inspired timepiece. The limited edition version of the watch will be made in only 300 pieces and will be up for grabs from September 26 at a price tag of 540,000 Yen (approx. $5,100) in Japan.  

Powered by renewable energy

Seiko Astron Revolution Line Honda e Limited Edition is powered by sunlight, storing solar energy to keep the watch running for 6 months even if not charged. Driving the watch is the GPS solar caliber “5X53” in conjunction with the Super Smart Sensor for GPS reception.

This brings “High-speed time zone correction function” for automatic time correction in any part of the world. Being solely powered by solar energy means that the dial design is highly visible.

Design unity

The watch has a design which takes inspiration from the electric vehicle – literally both of them have a resonating character. The dial looks similar to the e Honda’s wheel with the hour indices emulating the circular motif perfectly.

It is even more evident on the back of the Astron with the limited edition serial number and Honda e logo engraved on it. Mimicking the headlights of the car, the special edition Astron has blue light instead of the green on normal models.

The replacement strap of the watch also borrows the texture design from the seat fabric of the EV.  Use of box-shaped sapphire for the glass takes shape of the Honda e with a low center of gravity. Even the special box in which the limited edition timepiece comes in, has the wood texture similar to the console of the car.