Swatch to launch first BIOCERAMIC Big Bold watch collection soon

Every other horology brand is venturing into the arena of sustainable materials for their timepieces. This subtle movement is suggestive of the fact that most intricate of watches of the future will be made from eco-friendly materials.

The latest to jump on to the bandwagon is Swatch. The company is working on a new material – its own idea of sustainable fashion – called BIOCERAMIC, which is little more than ceramic. It has better scratch resistance yet soft touch.

Big Bold move

Swatch’s BIOCERAMIC is a mix of ceramic and bio-sourced plastic in 2:1 ratio. This material presents the benefits of both ceramic and bio-plastic made using castor oil.

The supple and resistant material is going to be available starting April 20 on a collection of five Big Bold watches. Swatch has carefully chosen its Big Bold as the base to introduce BIOCERAMIC to the world as the architecturally structured, see-through dial of the large 47mm watch presents “plenty of room” to show-off the material’s characteristics to the fullest.

More details

Swatch doesn’t mind experimenting, we have seen this in the past when the company introduced bio-plastic to watches last year, or when it entered into a consortium with the Museum of Modern Art to deliver a watch collection inspired by finest modern art.

So there is a huge expectation from the Big Bold watches rolling out with BIOCERAMIC soon. Interestingly, the collection will include five color options all paired to matching bracelets made from bio-sourced plastic.