Twelve South Curve Riser with shelf is iMac stand you’d want

We all have been in a transition through the last year, transforming a nook at home into an office to work conveniently. To complement your iMac or iMac Pro, you may want a stand that lifts the display slightly so that it is right up there at your eye level – minimizing the need to look down at the display with the neck bending at an awkward angle.

The raised height of the iMac or some other display will allow a more naturally ergonomic seating posture. There are so many monitor stands out there and much cheaper than what the Curve Riser from Twelve South comes for – then why should you opt for this? 

A cool advantage

Twelve South has established a standard with its premium accessories and the trend continues with this sleek metal stand in black matte finish. It sweeping curves and a utility shelf is want makes this a wonderful stand for the iMac or your PC monitor.

The stand has a handy storage shelf that can be used as a rack for storing hubs, external hard drives, smartphones, or other items such as the Mac Mini. Curve Riser is compatible with any display having up to 10-inch base, and it can elevate the monitor by almost 4.2-inches. The monitor with this elevation reaches a comfortable eye-level making work from experience more comfortable.

Pairs well with Curve for MacBook

In addition to being a standalone beauty, the Curve Riser is designed to complement the Curve for MacBook. The combo allows Twelve South aficionados to create a dual screen setup by placing the matching black matte MacBook stand alongside to elevate both screens at the same height.

There is just one drawback of the Curve Riser, you can not really customize the height of the accessory, so if the 4 inches odd lifts the iMac to a level higher than your eye line, you cannot really adjust it. If that’s not going to be much of an issue, you can get this interesting accessory right away for $79.99.  

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