Adidas McCarten Simpsons Left Handers Rule Shoes now available

As a follow-up to the previous Simpsons x Adidas collections, here is a new one. The adidas Originals series is getting an addition in the form of a new iteration of the McCarten. 

From The Simpsons x Adidas Advantage El Barto to The Simpsons’ Duff Beer x Adidas Forum 84 Low Sneakers, The Simpsons x Adidas Superstar Squishee, and the Adidas ZX 1000 Flaming Moes, here comes the Adidas McCarten Simpsons Left Handers Rule Shoes. And who is the star of the show? Ned Flanders

Adidas McCarten x Simpsons Left Handers Rule  Collaboration

Adidas McCarten Simpsons Left Handers Rule Shoes 3

The famous left-hander is known among loyal fans of the long-running American cartoon series. Who doesn’t know The Leftorium? If you’re a Simpsons fan and a leftie, you may what to get this pair.  

The Ned Flanders Adidas shoes appear to be of a pair of casual shoes. The sneakers’ colors match Flanders’ signature sweater color: brown, green, and bright pink. The panel is set in green leather with brown suede on the tongue, heel, toebox, and collar. The collar has a bright pink trim. 

Adidas McCarten Simpsons Ned Flanders Sneaker Design

Adidas McCarten Simpsons Left Handers Rule Shoes Where to Buy

On th side, you will see a  gold Trefoil logo. There is a leather insole plus gold eyestays. The outsole and midsoles are black. 

It’s a McCarten so it’s half sneaker, half loafer. You may probably consider wearing the pair to the office and maybe some other formal events—if you’re that “cool”.

The pair comes in a nice green Leftorium box with Ned Flanders holding a ‘Left Handers Rule! sign. Now available for $90 at the Adidas UK webstore.