Cooler Master Orb X GamePod is designed with full immersive space in mind

Tables such as the Secretlab Magnus and the gaming chairs like the Herman Miller Embody have what it takes to create a conducive gaming environment for you. If you still demand a more “immersive” gaming environment, you’d maybe want to upgrade to a Cooler Master Orb X GamePod.  

Though this recommended immersive gaming pod does not have a release date at the moment, a deep-pocketed gamer would want to add this to the must-have list anyway. Designed with full immersive space in mind, the Orb X GamePod is a semi-enclosed workstation that even a geek wouldn’t want to pass easily.

Semi-enclosed workstation

This cockpit of sorts for your gaming sessions has, or makes provision for, everything that you’d want in your exclusive setup. The workstation doesn’t include a PC or game console to start with, but it provides a sliding tray built-in that you can be used to place your equipment.

Once you have the console or your high-powered machines slid into the hidden compartment, you can then set it up with a choice of up to three 27-inch monitors fastened to the adjustable arm of the Orb X GamePod. If you prefer a single monitor, the rig can support up to a 49-inch monitor.

More details

This egg-shaped piece of hardware comes with a comfortable and adjustable gaming chair with lumbar support, headrest, and armrests. There are multi-colored light strips around the edges of the Orb X GamePod that can be used to create a personal light show of sorts when you’re engrossed in a battle with rest of the world.

An immersive experience is nothing without fine audio. Cooler Master thus equips the Orb X GamePod with 2.1 immersive surround sound. As mentioned earlier, there is no definite release date for the GamePod yet, but it is likely to launch later in the year for an estimated $10,000 price tag.