Eddie Murphy rocked Saturday Night Live with his return

People can’t get enough of Eddie Murphy. Not many of you may remember but the comedian started on Saturday Night Live before becoming a big Hollywood star. The great comedian has come back to his first love of stand-up comedy by appearing once again on SNL.

In October, we told you the good news that Murphy would be hosting Saturday Night Live in December. It was scheduled on December 21 and it has already passed. The episode has aired, giving the SNL fans an early Christmas treat with the comedy legend’s return.

Eddie Murphy still got it. That’s something we expected but then again we didn’t really know what to expect Murphy would be presenting.

SNL’s opening monologue had Murphy being joined by Tracy Morgan, Chris Rock, Kenan Thompson, and Dave Chappelle—in the “North Pole News Report”. Murphy was Kiddle Diddles, an elf, who saw a polar bear attack. He shared how the bears were popping elves in their mouths at a toymaking factory in the North Pole.

Old, Classic Sketches Done Anew

As mentioned before, Murphy also reprised his classic character Mr. Robinson. It’s been 35 years since Mr. Robinson appeared and in the episode, it showed his neighborhood had already changed—gentrified.

As promised, he also did Gumby and author and pimp Velvet Jones. Murphy was hilarious that the other cast were also trying not to laugh.

Check out some of the SNL sketches on Youtube:

More of Eddie Murphy Happening Soon

Saturday Night Live will return with Adam Driver as the host on January 25, 2020. For now, take a break. It’s the holidays. Just watch those Eddie Murphy sketches online as you wait for the Beverly Hills Cop sequel courtesy of Netflix.

That one is happening and especially after Eddie Murphy’s SNL episode, we can say he still got it. There’s no update yet when the sequel will start filming.