Everlane ReLeather Tennis Shoes is old-school staple in new sustainable material

Following up its most sustainable sneakers – featuring a sole made of natural, recycled rubber and upper made of natural leather – Everlane has introduced the ReLeather Tennis Shoes made from recycled leather scraps.

The sustainable tennis shoes feature a rounded toe and a classic low-ankle, lace-up silhouette with a durable rubber sole. The interesting aspect of the kicks is its ReLeather composition, which is Everlane’s own durable material engineered recycled leather.

Well-made sustainable sneaker

We have seen a substantial shift in the footwear industry toward the sustainability direction. Rens for instance has the performance sneakers made from coffee and recycled plastic and Nike has entered the game with Air Zoom Alphafly Next Nature, its most eco-friendly running shoe ever made.

Adding to the numbers, Everlane has been ticking the right boxes with every new release, case in point the ReLeather Tennis Shoes, which are comprised of polyester and recycled leather scrap, which utilizes almost 80-percent less water in tanning and dyeing, making the pair a remarkable accessory for the eco-friendly consumers.

More details

The ReLeather Tennis Shoes in themselves are very basic and straightforward in appearance. The sneakers however complement the natural white recycled leather upper with different colored outsoles and interiors. Available in unisex sizing, you can choose the silhouette from pale pink, papaya, gum and white soles and interiors.  

The ReLeather Tennis Shoes are retailing through the Everlane website for $110. Irrespective of the color choice, you get the shoes in all sizes to keep your idea of a world with less postproduction trash up and kicking.