Razer’s much-anticipated Project Hazel is now Zephyr smart mask

Razer has been making revelations about its face mask first introduced at CES earlier this year. The high-tech protective gear with gaming-induced touches, such as built-in RGB lighting, promises active air filtration with N95 mask effectiveness.

It was only in June that we learnt the smart mask, then dubbed Project Hazel, would be available in the fourth quarter of 2021. Now there is a certainty that the Razer face mask is out of the concept stage and it will be officially called the Zephyr.

Renamed mask

The announcement of Project Hazel being rechristened as Zephyr was made through an official post by Razer on its Twitter handle. According to the update, this latest evolution in wearable air purifier will be safe and sustainable and it will be 99-percent effective in filtering bacteria.

To be launched with silicon face seal and anti-fog coating for the wearer’s convenience, the Razor Zephyr can now be tested. Razer has opened registrations for the interested individuals to beta test the Zephyr before launch.

The protective accessory

In addition to the abovementioned, it has been known through the previous information that the Razer’s wearable air purifier will include replaceable air filters and come embedded with speaker and mic – a solution for everyone complaining of muffled voice from behind their masks.

Since first introduced, Zephyr has undergone a range of changes, and we expect a few more tweaks before the product is actually launched. We are still waiting for Razer to reveal the price, but it’s not going to be easy on the pocket that’s guaranteed.