Reebok Club C Mules ready in classic design, colors

Summer has begun in most parts of the world. We’re certain many of you have started going on vacations or even just to the nearby beach in your town. Some cities have started to open too after almost a year of lockdown so there is excitement building up. 

For those looking for new pairs of sneakers, we have shown you several options. You can get the more popular silhouettes in different colorways and iterations or you can settle for sandals, slip-ons, slippers, or mules like the Gucci Mens Rubber Mules or the Louis Vuitton Easy Line Mules if you want something more luxurious.

Reebok Club C Slip-ons Made Modern

Reebok C Laceless

Reebok has a new Club C offering but this time sans the lace and back. The Reebok Club C Mules are ready in three original colors: Core Black, Ftwr White, and Chalk/Glen Green. 

Check out the retro Reebok Club C design of the mules. Real fans of Reebok will notice the familiar design now set in a more modern version. 

Reebok Club C Laceless Mule Design

Reebok C Mule Black

The Reebok  Club C is expected to sell out fast. There is that classic tennis look from Reebok fans have grown to love throughout the years. There are some overlapping leather near the mid-panel. 

You won’t find any shoelaces here. The slip-on pair still comes with a tongue and tongue tag but without the back.  Price tag of the Reebok Club C Laceless Mule reads $70.