The Game Awards are going into the metaverse

When the annual Game Awards honor the achievements in the video game industry and new games are revealed, fans will be able to livestream the red carpet show inside the Core Games metaverse.

Metaverse is the biggest tech catch-phrase since the Facebook name change announcement. Everyone wants to tap into the new interactive way to let viewers watch and interact with their shows, concerts, games, and more.

Awards inside the metaverse

Recently youth icon Justin Bieber performed in the metaverse while Nike revealed trademarks for the virtual world. In the latest move, gaming industry titan Geoff Keighley informs that this year viewers can “watch a livestream of The Game Awards inside the metaverse.”

The awards show is scheduled to take place on December 9. During the Game Awards, players logged in to the Core’s Axial Tilt – a virtual world with different experiences – will be able to experience the red carpet show and other ceremonies including voting for games or attending an after-party with an unnamed DJ.

What’s in it

In fact, the entire awards ceremony will be livestreamed within Axial Tilt’s metaverse. Herein, viewers could be treated to big game industry reveals, surprises, and teasers that will add to their experience.

For the more traditional viewers, the awards show will also be available to watch on YouTube and Twitch. Since the Game Awards are already broadcasted on a plethora of platforms, it is only fitting that it’s now introduced into the growing trend of virtual world.