Twelve South’s HoverBar Duo lets you mount iPad on its flexible arm for endless use cases

Twelve South has some interesting accessories that can give your iPhone and iMacs a new use dimension. After the exciting suitcase for MacBook and a robust iMac stand, the brand has just added HoverBar Duo to its lineup that’ll give your iPad more utility.

The HoverBar Duo is not an ordinary accessory – it has much more to it. An adjustable iPad stand per se, this is designed chiefly to leave you hands-free, while working in the kitchen or using the iPad as a secondary monitor at your work desk.

The dynamic iPad stand

Whether you are recording your own crafting video, watching a cooking show, or simply attending a Zoom call with your peers, the HoverBar Duo will hold the iPad/iPhone right up at the eye-level – in a position most comfortable for you.

The arm of the accessory can be easily adjusted for height, angle or position and it can stand firmly both on the kitchen counter or your desk. For multi-utility, the HoverBar Duo can function as a weighted desktop stand or clamp up easily to present a more suitable iPad setup.

The range of use

The flexible accessory will hold and position the iPad right next to your iMac/monitor – at an optimal height – and function as a second display so you can easily swipe your content seamlessly between the two devices. Or you can effortlessly use the iPad held by the HoverBar Duo as a mini desktop paired to a mouse and wireless keyboard.

Capable of mounting all iPads and iPhones, the HoverBar Duo arm can extend up to 15-inches and rotate between landscape and portrait modes with minimal effort. The elegant metal iPad stand is priced at $80 and is now available from the Twelve South website