UA HOVR Machina comes with a “personal running coach”

We don’t often mention Under Armour (Underarmour) here but know that when we do, it means the product made an impression to us. The latest UA pair we find fancy is this UA HOVR Machina. That sounds like a kick-ass pair, like a machine perhaps, ready for any sport or physical activity.

The last Underarmour products we featured were the Under Armour Adult Coldgear Boot Socks and the Under Armour Men’s UA Highlight MC. The latter we recommended as one of the best pairs every serious every football fan should have.

Under Armour Design With Runners in Mind

This time, Underarmour wants to contribute to the racing arena by launching a pair that can help a runner achieve balance, comfort, and speed. Usually, shoes need to be lightweight or have the correct cushioning for the pair to help a runner.

The UA HOVR Machina offers all that—it is lightweight and comfortable. Combine those two and one can achieve speed to win or finish a track.

Underarmour’s Run, Train & Outdoor Group General Manager Topher Gaylord shared that they have “found the ideal balance of cushion and energy return in a lightweight package—delivering snappy speed and a smooth ride—to make a shoe for runners who want to break through their goals in 2020.” The pair is really meant for the runners.

Run Faster with the UA HOVR Machina

So how is this so-called balance achieved? It’s made possible by the propulsion plate UA added to each of the shoes. It helps the runner keep his keep pace in getting up, turnover, or during the transition.

No weight is added with the uncaged midsole even if it offers more HOVR cushioning. As with most sports shoes we’ve been featuring here, the UA HOVR Machina’s design is based on science and technology.

On the digital side, the shoes can even connect to Form Coaching service which is actually personalized guidance. It can measure ground contact time and foot strike angle data that can be analyzed by the MapMyRun app. It’s like having your own personal coach since feedback is given in real-time. Runners need insight so they can know how to improve in different areas.