Uniform Standard Ghost Suede Series 8 Sneakers can replace your all-white favorite

White sneakers are in. We don’t remember when they exactly became trendy but we don’t think it will be over soon. The fashion scene, as evidenced by the magazine spreads, Instagram posts, and what you see on the street, is filled with white sneakers of different styles and silhouettes.

We’ve featured quite a few here like the All-white Pokemon x Adidas Advantage and the Nike Shanghai-themed Air Force 1 but with a touch of gold. You probably have a few pairs of white sneakers at home but like most people we know, you know the issue of keeping your shoes white and pristine.

From White to Gray

You can match any white pair of sneakers with almost anything but there may come a time the trend will be over. We should start looking for a new favorite. Gray sneakers perhaps? That may be better than all-black but we’re totally not sold on the latter yet.

Let’s try this pair from by Uniform Standard—the Ghost Suede Series 8 Sneakers. With this simple gray pair, we have a feeling the gray trend will be the next big thing.

Gray Can Be Minimilast Too

The Uniform Standard Ghost Suede Series 8 Sneakers are still minimalist and sleek. The pair offers the same clean lines of most white pairs. The light grey suede material is just perfect to give that classic look that can last a long time.

It’s not actually all-grey. The sole is white with a touch of khaki on the rear pull tab. The words ‘Uniform’ and ‘Standard’ are embossed on the left and right tab, respectively.

What’s better about the pair is that the shoes are eco-friendly. They have been repurposed from the material to the packaging. We don’t know much about Uniform Standard but the East London footwear brand knows design and durability–and even sustainability.

The gray sneakers can go well with most outfits—just like white or black. Every pair is handmade in Portugal using premium Italian Gold certified suede. The plastic sole is recycled while the lining is Italian leather.

It’s a bit pricey at $182 but it can really match any premium pair we know. The use of suede will give it more character after some time as the material ages although you still need to protect the shoes properly.