Warner Bros can’t stream Harry Potter movies, here’s why

Hello, Potterheads. You may be going crazy now with the upcoming 20th Anniversary of the first installment of the Harry Potter franchise but we advise that you slow down. There are too many gimmicks that will be introduced in the coming months we’re afraid you will not be able to maintain your cool.

We’ll be here to share with you all the Harry Potter stuff and updates we can find. We just told you about the Official Harry Potter flagship store opening in New York this Summer. More Harry Potter-themed products and experiences will be unveiled but for now, let’s discuss why Harry Potter movies can’t be streamed by Warner Bros.

What Went Wrong

Apparently, WB has lost the streaming rights even if the studio out produced all eight movies from the year 2001 to 2011. WB still owns the rights to the franchise but NOT digital rights. The latter has been sold to NBCUniversal earlier. It can be expected then those Harry Potter movies will be streamed on Peacock, NBCUniversal’s very own streaming service.

Even with Warner Bros. being part of Warner Media, it doesn’t make it automatic that HBO Max can stream the movies. HBO Max is Warner Media’s latest streaming service and because of WB’s contract with NBCUniversal, none of the Harry Potter flicks, not even one Fantastic Beast movie can be streamed via HBO Max.

WB’s Loss of Foresight

That’s understandable. Perhaps Warner Bros. didn’t think of the possibility of a streaming service before. All it wanted was to distribute the content and make more money because why not.

WB can only get back the rights until 2025. That is still five years from today. By then, the streaming service game will be very different. We’re looking forward to more magical experiences for Harry Potter fans. We know a lot of Potterheads who would want to stream their favorite movies on demand.