A BETTER FEELING 1E1GHTY eyeglasses now available in Cloud Blue

A BETTER FEELING is an eyewear company that comes up with contemporary designs of eyeglasses. You can say they are more stylish in nature but each pair of eyewear from the brand offers the right protection your eyes need.

It’s not all about fashion. A BETTER FEELING makes eyewear with 100% UV protection, thanks to a special AR coating. Some designs may look weird while others may look fancy, but we will always remember this brand for the unique and modern design of every pair.

Looking at this pair from A BETTER FEELING, we remember the others we’ve featured recently like the Vinylize Bauhaus 100 Eyewear, Bentley Eyewear Centenary Collection, and Oakley Clifden Sunglasses. These pairs boast colored or tinted glasses.

1E1GHTY True Blue Pair Has Arrived

The latest pair that catches our attention is the 1EIGHTY. It’s actually an older design but it now comes in ‘Cloud Blue’. It boasts the same stretched rectangular lenses and D-shaped side-frames that provide the eyes full-surround privacy and protection.

The frame is made from stainless steel (53%), nylon (37%), and acetate (10%). The design is ideal for both the ladies and gents who may be into modern and quirky styles of everyday items.

Legit Better Feeling From This New Pair

The Cloud Blue 1EIGHT eyeglasses from A BETTER FEELING may definitely give “a better feeling”. The design will give you those second glances from strangers and fellow fashionistas.

A BETTER FEELING’s now lists the 1EIGHTY pair in Cloud Blue variant. Each pair costs $220. Dimensions are as follows: 140mm x 152mm x 55mm x 19mm (front width/ side width/lens width/lens height).

A BETTER FEELING is a London-based eyewear company. You can buy the new pair from HERE. We’ve started checking out the website and we find other designs unique. We’ll definitely come back for more and newer styles. Expect the 1EIGHTY won’t be the last pair for us.