Adidas Shadowturf takes the adidas JET for inspiration

Retro runners are cool. For those of us middle age or older, it’s sometimes fun to become nostalgic of all styles and trends during our younger years. 

We have seen several pairs that are modern iterations of vintage designs. Others are anniversary versions of signature styles. Just some of the pairs we featured include the ASICS Academic Scholar Pack with retro fashion stamped all over it, the Air Jordan 1 Retro OG “Lucky Green”, and the retro-inspired Nike corduroy golf shoes.

Adidas Shadowturf Runners Go Retro Modern

Adidas Shadowturf Shoes 7

From Adidas, we remember the Extra Butter Adidas Happy Gilmore 25th Anniversary Collection and the NEIGHBORHOOD x Adidas Originals Superstar 80s retro modern pair. This time, we’re seeing another retro-inspired runner in the form of the Shadowturf. 

The adidas Shadowturf was based on the JET, a style introduced in the early 2000s. The new pair is a simple design that maintains the quarter-window of the older style. The pair now comes with a two-tone mesh to highlight the texture, lace closure, and textile lining. Within the base, the  adiprene technology has been implemented. 

Adidas Shadowturf Shoes Design

Adidas Shadowturf Shoes 2

The upper comes in all grey for a simple, neutral look that can last different seasons. You can match the pair with almost any outfit and color. 

The Adidas Shadowturf Runners are sold for $134. You can buy the pair from the adidas webstore