ASICS GEL-PTG Velcro shows retro modern style

ASICS is slowly becoming a favorite. Many sneakerheads are adding the brand as their go-to shoes for when they want form and function. In the recent weeks, we have seen a few remarkable designs that will make you do a second look. We particularly like the simple silhouettes being re-imagined with striking color combos.

Just recently, there was the ASICS Metaspeed Sky and Metaspeed Edge for runners of all styles. The Asics x Coca Cola Gel Quantum 90 Tokyo also commands attention. We also won’t forget the Ballaholic ASICS GEL-QUANTUM 180 released in Japan. 

ASICS GEL-PTG Gets Velcrofied

ASICS GEL-PTG Velcro Straps White Shoes

Two new versions of the ASICS GEL-PTG are ready. The basketball sneakers were actually from almost four decades. In 1983, it came out and quickly became popular not only within the court but also as a lifestyle pair. The modern redesign now includes two velcro straps for a more streamlined look and convenience. 

Choose between the black or white version. See what retro athletic really means with this pair. You won’t see any shoelaces here—just velcro. 

ASICS GEL-PTG in Black or White

ASICS GEL-PTG Velcro Straps Black Where to Buy

The ASICS GEL-PTG  Velcro features leather uppers. The midfoot is made of suede where the midfoot  Tiger Stripe is. The black version keeps everything black while the white pair has tan (birch) Tiger Stripe. 

The  ASICS GEL-PTG Velcro is sold for  ¥14,300 which is about $130. You can get a pair from the  atmos webstore