Netflix titles you don’t want to miss this February

A few weeks ago, we shared with you all the things you could watch on Netflix. The list was quite comprehensive because we also noted those TV series and movies you could watch this month of February on Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+.

The list is still available and the month isn’t over yet. There are just too many especially on Netflix that you may have forgotten some of the more important titles you could watch. We suggest you watch them as soon as you can because we don’t know if Netflix will have them removed by March.

Not all titles on Netflix stay there forever except maybe for Netflix Originals but we recommend you watch today. Here are the top three movies that are so good you don’t want to miss them.

Locke & Key

This isn’t your typical Young Adult film. It is more of a suspense thriller drama that centers on a family who just moved into an old home in a town in Massachusetts. The siblings discovered magic keys that bend reality.

The keys are mysterious that a villain wants to get a hold of them. Trouble ensues at the Keyhouse as the entity keeps going on after them. It’s been a struggle for the Lockes because their father has just been murdered.

‘Locke & Key’ used to be on Hulu but the company passed on the series back in 2018. Netflix then picked it up and decided to develop a new version with a new cast and new director. Only Jackson Robert Scott as Bode Locke was retained. Watch all ten episodes of ‘Locke & Key’ HERE.

Narcos Mexico

The Season 2 of ‘Narcos Mexico’ is now available on Netflix. All ten episodes are ready for your next binge-watch adventure.

This American crime drama has always captivated a lot of fans. It was supposed to be another season of Narcos but was soon developed as a spin-off. The audience reception was positive and so a second season was ordered.

This TV series centered on the drug trade in Mexico while the original Narcos was about the drug business in Colombia. Season 2 premiered on Netflix only last February 13. Watch on Netflix.

The Stranger

We’ve mentioned this TV series last month. Netflix dropped the thriller novel-turned-series this month. All eight episodes are now available.

This is one conspiracy thriller based on a book by author Harlan Coben. We’re not saying what happened to the woman but we’re still intrigued. Watch HERE.