Starbucks Spring Blend Coffee: Best Souvenir You Can Get this Sakura Season

Travel and tourism may have taken a back seat these days but we know there are people who won’t be stopped. One of the most popular destinations this March and April is Japan. The main reason is it is cherry blossom season.

There will be beautiful pink trees begging you to stare at them. It won’t be a challenge to capture as we shared with you before. You can experience cherry blossom outside Japan but nothing is better than in The Land of the Rising Sun.

There is only one caveat if you don’t live in Japan. Some countries are not allowed to travel to certain destinations due to the coronavirus outbreak. It doesn’t help that Japan has temporarily closed down schools because of the health scare either.

But still, nothing or no one may stop those in Japan now. If you live there, well and good. If you’re still a tourist but are about to leave the country, you may want to bring home a special souvenir.

Starbucks Japan Sakura Collection Shines in Pink

Starbucks Japan recently introduced the Sakura Collection. Mainly, this one offers special drinkware like a mug and tumbler. They are pretty in pink but of course, we won’t forget the Spring Blend coffee.

This isn’t the first time Starbucks Japan is offering something special during a new season or holiday. If you may remember, there is that Starbucks Halloween Special Phantom Frappuccino and Dark Night Frappuccino. There is also the Kyoto and Hyogo Frappuccino plus the Christmas beverage Nutty White Chocolate Frappuccino.

The Sakura Spring Blend Coffee Pack is expected to become another bestseller, especially among the ladies. The ground coffee pack costs 665 yen which is about $6. It is a blend of East African and Latin American coffee. It’s chocolatey with some sweet orange taste.

Sakura Coffee May Remind You of Spring and New Life

Starbucks’ Sakura seasonal blend will be available in whole coffee beans for 998 yen ($9). You can also get the Personal Drip Coffee Bags called Starbucks Origami. A bag of four is priced at 475 yen ($4.40). Complete the collection by getting the matching reusable cup.

If those are not enough, there is the Spring Cheer gift set. It comes with a 4-pack drip coffee bags, original cup holder, and a reusable cup. The 3,000 yen price tag is $28 so that is a splurge for a coffee. But then again it’s from Starbucks.

The items have been available since February 14, Valentine’s Day. Pre-orders have been taken last January 31. The gift set has also been available online since last Friday, February 28.