Reebok Zig 3D Storm Hydro River Rapids Pack now available

Reebok is fast becoming a personal favorite here. We’re impressed especially with the recent collaborations being introduced. There are several fashion brands regularly teaming up with the footwear and clothing company. One of which is Maison Margiela. 

In recent months, we have seen interesting and creative designs like the Reebok Kamikaze II Low Alert Yellow, Maison Margiela Reebok Tabi Instapump Fury Oxford, and the Reebok Classic Leather Stoner to celebrate 4/20. We also won’t forget the Reebok x Tom and Jerry Footwear Collection, Footwear Reebok x Ghostbusters, and the Vetements Reebok Spike Runner 200.

Reebok Zig 3D Storm Hydro River New Colorways

Reebok Zig 3D Storm Hydro River Rapids Pack Clean White

The latest from Reebok are new versions of the Zig 3D Storm Hydro. Known as the River Rapids Pack, these new pairs in three new colorways will definitely call your attention. The Reebook Zig 3D Storm Hydro sneakers are ready for Spring/Summer. 

The River Rapids Pack are designed with water sports in mind–kayaking to be exact. You can wear the pair anywhere especially if you can carry the white colorway. The sneakers feature a mesh underlay in white and gray tones. The upper piping mudguards are in white blue and yellow. Notice the off-white skin and blue vector logo going towards the heel. 

Reebok Zig 3D Storm Hydro River Rapids Pack Design

Reebok Zig 3D Storm Hydro River Rapids Pack Angelic and Gray 8

As usual, Reebok used the Zig Kinetica II sole units. They are set in white with a cream mid-section. The black treading completes the look.  Another version shows an obvious Gray and Orange color. It’s mainly gray as seen on the overlays, mudguards, and mesh collars. The orange mid-foot offers a nice contrast. 

The third colorway is darker gray and red. The ground plus the mid-foot and shroud are mainly dark gray. There are some blue accents on the mid-foot. Red is shown through the piping while the bottom unit features more gray shades. 

Each pair from the Reebok Zig 3D Storm Hydro River Rapids Pack costs $180. Now available on select retailers and Reebok Europe.