Disney+ deletes some titles from database

Just before the year 2019 ended, Disney decided to launch its very own streaming service. It was meant to rival Netflix and other related entertainment channels but with the advantage of having almost all Disney movies and shows you may not find on other streaming apps.

Disney+ was officially launched back in November with numerous interesting content including most Marvel titles. We shared the complete list with you a few weeks ago and then when Disney+ finally out in key markets, we told you about how to disable the background video autoplay. Unfortunately, some Disney+ accounts got hacked on the day of launch and we hope you’re not one of the victims.

Disney has many things and experiences in store for the young and young at heart. There’s that Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Hotel opening in 2021 and Disney Resorts serving now serving plant-based food items. All these are good news but there’s also some bad news.

Disappearing Act is Disappointing

There is no formal announcement yet but Disney+ is believed to be removing some titles from the database. A bunch of movies has been disappearing like the original ‘Home Alone’ movie and its sequel ‘Home Alone 2: Lost in New York’. That’s very noticeable because those are top Christmas movies of all time that families keep on watching each year.

Disney+ is supposed to list movies and shows permanently since the company doesn’t have a problem with licensing. Apparently, licenses do expire.

What’s actually worse is the fact Disney didn’t make a related announcement when others like Hulu and Netflix come out with lists of what will be removed or added regularly each month.

Disney+ Doesn’t Have It All

Netflix and Disney are believed to have a special deal but we’re not privy to it. Maybe, just maybe, the two decided not to show the same titles at the same time.

If this is the case, it only means Disney+ won’t really have all the Disney movies available. We want to scratch our heads because the streaming service is expected to have it all.