GoSun Flatware is portable, reusable, and sustainable

Sustainability. That is what we’ve been aiming for since all those ‘Go Green’ campaigns have proliferated. Climate change is real and greener technologies are needed. They may be challenging to achieve but certainly not impossible.

These Tips to Creating the Perfect Green Space are helpful. However, they are efforts from individuals. Further efforts must be done by bigger companies and brands. We appreciate those that come up with eco-friendly, biodegradable, and sustainable products like the VEJA Condor running shoe that’s made with less plastic, Brandless Travel Collection, and the PHOENX Modular Suitcase.

We also remember the Oliver Cabell’s 3D-Printed Shoes made from Recycled Plastic Bottles. These products are all for travel. I guess ‘Green Travel’ is in.

Green Dining is Possible Too

When it comes to dining and still related to travel, here is the GoSun Flatware. It’s a new product that we can actually add to the list of ‘Super Sporks of 2019’. The goal of the flatware is to end single-use plastics that are usually given by restaurants and food chains.

The GoSun Flatware is a set of portable utensils you can bring anywhere you go. It fits perfectly in your pocket, purse, or wallet. It’s basically a pair of reusable spoon and fork made of stainless steel.

GoSun Flatware enables you and me to reduce plastic utensils. If you are going to a fast-food store, for example, refuse the plastic fork or spoon. Say you have your own. You may be one of the very few who does this zero-waste effort but every little step matters. It’s a good start and you’ll never know who you can influence– the people behind you in line or maybe the person taking your order.

Yet Another Eco-friendly Product from GoSun

GoSun, the team behind the FlatWare, is a name to be trusted. It has shipped tens of thousands of other eco-friendly products that can cool, cook, light or charge other electronics. The items are designed to be portable and light just like the GoSun Flatware. The products are also highly-efficient and have been constructed free of harmful emissions.

The GoSun Flatware is described as ultra-portable, dishwasher safe, easy to clean, reusable, and is BPA free. Imagine all the plastic utensils you will NOT use.