Five Must-visit Museums in Tokyo

Start the year right by listing down your travel goals this year. It will even be better if you actually start planning. Begin by looking at flights, booking a hotel or Airbnb, researching for tourist destinations, and maybe filing for that vacation leave once you’re back at work. Traveling takes not only your money but also a lot of work and planning.

Perhaps one of the top destinations in the world today is Japan. More tourists have been welcome especially since the Japanese government has eased up on visa requirements for more people from different countries who are able to travel.

We’ve shared with you numerous reasons why you need to go to Japan, as well as, top sites to visit. There is that art of the soak at an Onsen hot spring in Japan, the Japanese culture you ought to explore, and even reasons why you need to visit a convenience store on your next trip to Japan. We also presented a guide to using Tokyo’s train transportation and answered the question if you should really get JR Pass before visiting Japan.

We also shared with you why Ginza Shopping District is fascinating to visitors and mistakes first-timers can avoid when vacationing in Japan. More recently, we shared with you the redesigned Nine Hours Capsule Hotel, where to get the best view of Mount Fuji, and how visiting Mikane Shrine in Kyoto, Japan could make you rich.

As with most travelers, we always suggest visiting museums in whatever city or country you plan to go to. Not all museums are boring. There are plenty of museums you may find interesting especially in Japan where there are many museums to explore.

We chose the top five we know can be the most interesting and fun for most people. There are more beyond this list but these are our top favorites.

Tokyo National Museum

This is the oldest museum in Japan. It’s number one n our list because you can learn more about Japan here from its history to culture to art.

You may not be able to see everything as there are 110,000 items inside. You may check out temporary installations though that change from time to time.

Ghibli Museum

If you’re a fan of Totoro, Ghibli Museum is a must-visit. Be enchanted once again with Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke.

The museum isn’t just for the kids. Adults will enjoy the place as they visit set-pieces and see life-size statues of those characters from the movies. The museum is very popular so we suggest you avail of tickets months before your planned visit.

Yayoi Kusama Museum

Yayoi Kusama is known for the ‘white dots on red design’—at least, that is how we remember the designer. The museum is all surreal and color as is the trademark of the Japanese artist known for contemporary design.

You may not appreciate some of the designs but Yayoi Kusama is revered for her work. See a timeline of her work. Must-see is the infinity room with mirrors,

Samurai Museum

Go to Shinjuku to visit the Samurai Musem. Learn about the 700 years of Japanese history with the help of the warriors from centuries back.

Explore the museum with a tour guide. Make the most of the museum by watching the performance of masterful moves using the katana.

TeamLab Borderless Museum

This is one of the newest museums in Japan. It has the honor of being one of the first digital art museums today.

TeamLab Borderless Museum offers a multi-sensory experience with the help of touch and lights. Your visit is unique as it is ever-changing. No two visits are the same so you are encouraged to drop by and explore the museum when you can.