Top reasons why you should travel by boat through Europe

It’s a new decade. It’s time to draw a new travel bucket list. You have only ticked a few from your old list but don’t worry, it’s never too late when you want to achieve your dreams even when it’s just in traveling.

We have shared a few suggestions here in the last few months including how you can spend a whole day in San Francisco, vegetarian places in Liverpool to try this month, Best Places to Spend White Christmas, and where to best view the Mount Fuji while in Japan. We remember that Northern Lights Wilderness Camp, the Belvoir Castle via Airbnb, and some reasons why you should travel to Riga, Latvia. The latter is a small country in Europe that is quickly becoming a popular travel destination.

Europe is still on top of our list. If you’ve started planning, check out the Things to Remember as You Plan Your Euro Trip. We’re keeping them in mind while contemplating whether to also see Europe via the waterways.

Traveling by boat in Europe doesn’t sound appealing and comfortable at first but there are plenty of choices like ride a luxury cruise or a private charter. In Italy, there is the gondola but you can’t explore most of Europe with it.

When you follow the waterways, you will witness some of the historic places and top tourist destinations. We have our reasons why you should consider Europe via water tourism.

Great Views Along The Way

Cruise along the river or a canal and see the historic and rick architecture of the country. You can get to view those beautiful cliffs and vineyards.

If you can afford it, try a luxury river cruise so you can also enjoy the comforts of a cruise. There is nothing better than traveling with some luxe in mind.

One Time, Big Time Experience

You’re already in Europe. You’ve been spending money so why not go all out? No, we’re not telling you to shell out more money or choose the most expensive options but since you’re already there, make the most of your Euro trip.

Explore the continent as much as you can. It doesn’t have to be expensive. You can visit different countries by trying out and exploring those famous UNESCO world heritage sites and storied rivers.

Check out the food from different countries while onboard a yacht or cruise. Oftentimes, you will be given the opportunity to explore the town so you’re not always in the water.

Meet New Friends

You travel not only to see the world but also to expand your circle. When you join a group tour, you are bound to meet new people. Some may remain as acquaintances but there are those that can be friends for keeps.

You’ll never know who you will meet. Some single ladies and gents even get to meet ‘The One’ in group tours.

A cruise line is perhaps one of the easiest and safest ways to meet people. We’re not saying you join a cruise to meet potential dates. It’s just one benefit. Bottom line is, you can meet new people who will someday matter to your life whether a significant other or a friend.