Aldi heart-shaped cheeses will be out ahead of Love Month

Hey Gents, if you’ve started searching for possible gifts for your significant other for Valentine’s Day, consider anything red or heart-shaped. Begin by checking out the heart cheeses from Aldi.

One of the most perfect ways to celebrate the Day of Hearts is by going to a fancy restaurant with your significant other. But then again most places can be too cramped and if you’re the type who don’t want the crowd, you can opt to just stay at home. Prepare a good meal and end with a good wine, chocolate, or cheese. There are heart-shaped cheeses from Aldi that the brand is bringing out once again in time for the Love Month.

Cheese Comes in Different Flavors

There are different types of cheese. If you can’t distinguish them, check out the nearest Aldi branch to you.

Beginning January 29, assorted cheeses from the Emporium Selection will be offered. You may taste test and try to see the difference. If you still can’t, here’s a tip: one variant tastes like gin. That may be enough to get you a tasting.

A number of choices will be sold. Let’ start with the Gin & Rhubarb and Raspberries & White Chocolate and the heart-shaped Mature Cheddar English cheese.

Better than Chocolates and Flowers

Every 5.3 oz. of cheese costs only $3.99. That is affordable compared to buying a dozen roses or tons of chocolates. We’re not suggesting you go cheap for your love but you may choose something that is different and something she will truly enjoy.

Most cheeses go well with wine so while you’re at Aldi, get a bottle of your favorite wine, whiskey, or whatever drink you want. We’ve featured a few here like the Exclusive Mod Seléction Champagne, Ceder’s non-alcoholic drink as gin alternative, Laphroaig Scotch Whisky, Air Co vodka, the Russ Hanneman Tres Comas Añejo Tequila, Canadian Club’s 42-year old whiskey, Bob Dylan Heaven’s Door Bootleg Series, and this Hennessy VS Collector’s Edition by Felipe Pantone.