Must-visit Top Amusement Parks in Japan

Despite the Novel Corona Virus scare, we know many people who will not be stopped from fulfilling their wanderlust. Just checking my social media feed is one proof because there are friends and family who are still checking in on airports and hotels, hoping to get away from the virus and the stress of everyday life.

One favorite destination right now is Japan. We understand why the fascination with The Land of the Rising Sun because there really are many things to do, explore, and visit. For the fashionistas, they probably want to check out the Louis Vuitton restaurant that has recently opened. Maybe the reasons to visit Kanazawa we shared spoke to you. Some may already be planning a trip to the Super Nintendo World in Japan as they can’t wait for Orlando.

You can experience cherry blossom aside from Japan but Japan is still the best. We know of the best places to view Mount Fuji and we know a visit to the Mikane Shrine in Kyoto may multiply your money. Some other things you can check out in Japan: Five Must-visit Museums in Tokyo, Nine Hours Capsule Hotel, Starbucks Japan, the $11 train ride through Japan’s snowy landscape, Official Nintendo Store, Ghostbusters in the Park, and of course, the Ginza Shopping District.

Amusement parks are also top attractions. Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea are must-visit. There’s also Universal Studios Japan. The Ghibli Museum is not a theme park but we urge you to visit.

We have listed three other amusement theme parks you may want to visit or add to your bucket list. They are as follows:


This is non-negotiable. Your first-time visit to Japan must include a trip to any SEGA spot. There are four to choose from: SEGA Akihabara 3rd, Akihabara 1st, Akihabara 4th, and SEGA Shinjuku Kabukicho.

Each SEGA spot has many UFO catchers inside. Check out all the game machines available whether for video games or driving games.

For a little bit of fun, try ‘maimai’ for dancing and taking photo stickers. The most interesting is the SEGA Shinjuku Kabukicho where there is a large lineup of arcade games, photo sticker machines, and prize games. There are VR machines, as well as, music games.


Just like SEGA, Palette Town is perfect for young and old alike. Kids and adults can enjoy all the entertainment facilities available.

Some of the more popular sights here include the Venus Fort for when you want to shop as there are hundreds of stores and restaurants to choose from. There is the MEGA WEB car theme park and a large Ferris wheel for you to try and view the best views of the Sky Tree, Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge, and the Tokyo Gate Bridge.


Again, both adults and kids will love this amusement park where there are more than 40 attractions to try. Yomiuriland is where the leading rollercoaster of Japan called ‘Bandit’ is located. There is also a large Ferris wheel where views of Tokyo can be enjoyed.

Some of the popular attractions include Goodjoba fro the whole family, Jewellumination, 1000 cherry blossom trees, and the pool during summer. You will never run out of things to do at Yomiuriland because there are many events always scheduled for the whole year.